With the deepest regrets we inform you that Getting it About is no more.

We’ve had fantastic years, playing the most wonderful bars, festivals, hapenings, etc… through the whole of the Netherlands.  And we cherish the memories of.. well, of you of course.  You, the fans, the spectators, you made us Rock! Thank you for that!

Getting it About exists no more but the music is still alive, free for listening and downloading at this site. For free of course.  Our music is our legacy, make it count, don’t let it go to waste.

And what about us? We go on making music, just not together. We have musicians-blood flowing through our veins, it’s unstoppable. So keep track of us, you wil see each of us back in the future, whenever, wherever, we will be there.

Michael Sperber – Pepijn Sutmuller – Jos van der Klooster

Funky Poprock

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